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PD Fund

2021 Funding Update:

Our scholar-gift application is OPEN until August 15th!

Click here for info.

'Tis Better To Give

The P.D. Fund is a small but growing nonprofit fund dedicated to giving back.

We support the following initiatives with dollars and volunteer time:

  • Education / Lifelong learning funding

  • Foster care + Youth empowerment programs

  • Animal welfare

  • Homelessness & Hunger campaigns

Meet our 2019 Winners!
Our $5,000 and $2,000
Winners Have Been Chosen
Learn More About
The PD Fund


One of our founders and multiple extended family are teachers. We believe education can change the world.


Our country's young people, be they in foster care or other underserved situations, deserve our very best.


Without food and shelter, we can't be free to follow our dreams. Basic needs could and should be met for all.


Since our founders' first rescue adoption, helping other companion animals find loving homes has been a priority.

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