Our Amazing Donors!

  • Ira Allstadt

  • Keidra Chaney

  • Lindsey Dixon & Genise Parker

  • Ashleigh & Dakota Edgar

  • Lisa Kwon

  • Karina Lima

  • Liz & Maya Marquez

  • Brent Powell

  • Anne & Mike Shirley

  • Amy Vernor

Thanks to these amazing donors, we have raised $490 dollars as of March 18th. We are matching those funds and will soon share a minimum of $980 in emergency cash for affected families.

Please give if you can!

Who We Have Supported

1. Jennifer, an out of work (due to COVID-19) mom of 3 in North Carolina who needed grocery money. [$200]

2. Amaya, a college student in Alabama who lost her job (COVID-related) and needed to pay her utility bill. [$200]

3. Joshua, an NYC college student who needed funding for virtual learning. [$50]

4. Faa, an NYC college student who needed money for groceries. [$100]

5. Latasha, a D.C. mom with a family of five who needed money for groceries. [$250]

6. Sire, a NYC college student with a family in need of money for food. [$250]

7. Lori, a Buffalo NY student who needed funds for medicine. [$100]

8. Chrisity, a Bronx college student whose family needed grocery money. [$200]

9. Phantasia, from Ithaca, NY, who needed grocery money. [$100]

10. Yanilka, from Brooklyn, whose family of 6 needed money for groceries. [$250]

11. Anastasia, a single mom from the Bronx with a family of four who needed grocery money. [$250]

12. Chrisity, a college student in the Bronx who needed food money for her family. [$200]

13. Eileen, a college student in Manhattan who needed food money. [$100]

14. Georgie, a New Yorker, who needed emergency supplies. [$150]

15. Jayla from Atlanta, who needed money for food and necessities. [$100]

16. Nahjae, a college student in Canton NY needed emergency funds for her whole family who lost their jobs due to COVID19. [$300]

17. Chaya, from Milwaukee, who needed support after losing her job. [$200]

18. Jodyann, whose hours were cut and needed funds for the basics [$100]

19. Marcy, from NYC, who needed support to care for her elderly parent. [$100]

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