2021 Amplify Award Rules

Be in or enrolling in your final year of school/training.
Be committed to service. We can change the world, together.
Commit to re-gifting when you can.
Share updates with us.

Who is eligible?

Any person living in the U.S. (who is not related to anyone at the PD Fund) seeking to further their educational and/or career goals, and who is in their final year of college and/or entering trade or technical programs in the year 2021.

How will I be paid if I win?

We will transfer the funds directly to you via bank transfer (i.e. Chase Quick Pay) or possibly Venmo/Paypal.

When will I be paid? 

We plan on making the transfer of funds within two weeks of the winner being selected in July 2021. We will work with you if you need a sooner payment.

Will I need to pay taxes on this scholar-gift?

Nope! This is a gift from us to you, and the IRS recognizes it as a gift. Gifts at this level (i.e. $2,000) do not need to be claimed as income or listed on your taxes. Please speak with an accountant if you have any questions. The organization (PD Fund) is not responsible for any financial decisions or implications.

Do I need to claim this as a scholarship or grant with my school or program?

Nope again! This is a private gift that can be used for tuition but doesn't have to be. You can use it to pay for your rent and utilities, childcare costs associated with pursuing your education, etc. It does not need to be reported to your school or program because it is not a scholarship, grant, etc.

When do I need to pay the gift forward?

As soon as you can! But we won't pressure you; we understand that life happens and there is no "contract" to sign that says exactly when you pay it forward. We are specifically targeting students further along in their training so that hopefully repayment can happen sooner. The beauty of a group like this is that the sooner each person "re-gifts" a whole new chain of giving and learning can begin. We are counting on you!